Our Story

Hello and welcome to The Alternative Atlas!  We’re Jaime and Christopher: life partners, best friends, and travel companions.  Jaime is a social justice advocate, political junkie, and donut enthusiast.  Chris is a professional artist, touring musician, vegetarian and Type 1 diabetic.


Nothing excites us quite like finding new adventures and exploring new places.  We are taking off on the adventure of a lifetime; seeing how far we can travel on our one-way tickets.  The Alternative Atlas is a space where we document our adventures and offer tips for backpacking on a budget.  While we can appreciate visiting tourist spots, we look to find the lesser traveled paths and eat local foods, explore side streets, and check out underground music and art scenes.

The world is a big place, and life is much too short not to explore as much as possible.  We both value experiences more than any possession, and we treasure our time together more than anything.

We could be free.  -Michael Lessard

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